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The Imperial oboe

The Imperial oboe was conceived by the Factory of oboe Roland Dupin during 1990's and was marketed as from the year 2000.

The first oboist who played this model was Dominique Descamps - a soloist of the Philharmonic orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine.

Since, all the big soloists the best orchestras of the world opted for Impérial Dupin: Christoph Hartmann (Philharmonic society of Berlin) - Steinar Hannevold (Philharmonic society Bergen) - Erik Niord Larsen (Philharmonic society of Oslo and professor to the Academy of Oslo) - Thierry Guelfucci (National orchestra Avignon Provence) - Tytus Woinowycz (Warsaw) - Joachim Dam Thomsen (Royal Theater of Copenhagen) - Max Artved (Radio Copenhagen) - Bengt Rosengreen (Radio Stockholm) - Jean-Paul Merrienne (Philharmonic orchestra of Montpelier) - Daniel Péchereau (National orchestra of Lille)...

Further to the success gained by this instrument - that the oboists describe as being a revolution in the world of the oboe - some Japanese and European manufacturers tried to copy Impérial Dupin without however managing ever to equal the quality of the sound and the general quality of the instrument.

Dominique Descamps - Impérial Dupin

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