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    What will the most serious consequences caught in the hotel's card?


    Sep 23, 2022

    Because the card issued at the hotel was reported to him, it was arrested by the police station.

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    1. The most serious consequences were caught in the hotel's card issuing cards to warn, fines, detention, confiscation of property, etc., and usually do not go to jail.
      The basic definition of hotels is a commercial institution that provides safe and comfortable, allowing users to obtain short -term rest or sleep space. It is a place for guests to provide rest and diet. Specifically, the hotel is based on its building, and provides services to guests by selling rooms, catering and comprehensive service facilities to obtain economic revenue organizations. The hotel mainly provides tourists with accommodation services, service and facilities (pre -bed services), catering, games, entertainment, shopping, business centers, banquets and conferences.
      The basic equipment of the hotel room includes beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, and generally there are telephones, television, alarm clocks; and refrigerators with various beverages, alcohol and snacks, all of which need to be charged. Pay. The room also has electric water pots, cups and coffee, tea bags, milk, sugar, etc. for passengers. In addition to very cheap hotels, there are usually independent bathrooms in the room with toilets, bathtubs and shower equipment. The higher -level and advanced hotels also have Internet connection services, which may require additional fees.
      The basic facilities of the hotel determine the reception capacity and conditions of a hotel. The standard and quantity standard of hotel facilities determine the hotel's grade.
      The "Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 22 prohibits the release of tobacco advertisements in mass communication media or public places, public transportation, and outdoor. It is forbidden to send any form of tobacco advertisements to minors. It is forbidden to use other goods or services advertising and public welfare advertisements to promote the names, trademarks, packaging, decoration, and similar content of tobacco products. In the relocation, rename, recruitment and other notes released by tobacco products producers or sellers, they must not contain the names, trademarks, packaging, decoration, and similar content of tobacco products.
      The education and training advertisements shall not contain the following content:
      (1) Entrepreneurship, passing the exam, obtaining a degree or qualification certificate, or the effect of education and training explicitly or implied the effects of education and training. Guarantee commitment;
      (2) explicit or implies that there are relevant examination institutions or their staff, test proposition personnel to participate in education and training;
      (3) Use scientific research units, academic institutions, education institutions, industry associations, and industry associations The names or images of professionals and beneficiaries are recommended and proved.

    2. Little yellow ads, right? The police station will open a certificate, staying for 24 hours, and it is quite uncomfortable for 24 hours. When you encounter a better police officer to make a blood collection file, we will pierce a finger and encounter 10 fingertips. The sentence is not, but it may be detained. After entering that place, the mobile phone is confiscated, so don't do this illegal. But if it is an organizer, it is troublesome.

    3. If the card issued is to spread pornographic obscene items, then the crime of disseminating pornographic obscene items shall be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than two years.
      Is to spread obscene items to minors under the age of eighteen years old.
      The crime of spreading obscene items refers to the manifestation of obscene books, videos, audio -visuals, pictures, or other obscene items, disrupting the state's management order of obscene items, and endangering the physical and mental health of the people, especially young people, must be resolutely determined Campaign according to law.

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