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    What game can get Q coins


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. There are several methods of Tencent's official Q coins here, but it is more difficult to get. 1 Ask the points can be changed to QQ coins. On the upper page of the homepage, there are (ask the mall points redemption award) click to enter. rn1Q币积分要求:369分等级要求:6 声望要求:不限最多兑换:5份/人2Q币积分要求:699分等级要求:7级以上声望要求:不限最多兑换:2份/ Human reputation requirements: Unlimited 5QB Points Requirements: 1699 points.
      Level requirements: Popularity requirements above level 8: Unlimited redeem: 1 copy/person's prestige requirements: unlimited, play Tencent's various games with QQ coins, Q speeding vehicles, Q Three Kingdoms, etc.) ) You need to equip your role "Big Red Lantern" prop.
      It you can go to the item or the race, and you can get a reward after each game.
      Colid "lantern" props, each match will consume you a lantern.
      The number of lanterns every day will be automatically added to 20, so you must use the lantern of the day, otherwise you will lose it.
      (QQ Three Kingdoms) As long as you complete the Dongfeng task, you will have the opportunity to obtain the experience of deputy materials, sacs and 1000 experience, and even the opportunity to get Q coins and green diamonds, QQ shows and QQ space prizes.
      1. At the beginning of the event, players can find NPC "Zhou Yu", "Zhuge Liang" and "Sima Yi" in the main cities of various countries.
      2. The guarantee of the player's guarantee of 1,000 Three Kingdoms can be borrowed from Dongfeng. After the player borrows Dongfeng, it will be delivered to the altars in various countries within 5 minutes (within the scope of the novice village).
      3. During the process of sending Dongfeng, the balloon may explode. After the blasting, the player needs to receive Dongfeng again. As long as the player participates in the activity times during the activity time.
      4. After the task is completed, players will get the system refunded insurance deposit and experience rewards. At the same time, there are also opportunities to get deputy materials, bags, Q coins and green diamonds, QQ shows and QQ Space Awards.

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