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    What are the dangers of online gambling?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the dangers of online gambling?”
    1. The dangers of online gambling include: harmful health, harmful work and life, more likely to fall, seriously disrupt financial order, and so on.
      1. Harm healthy health
      gambling time is free to participate. It can participate 24 hours a day, which will cause people to lose themselves completely in gambling, spend a lot of time, and even go to go Stay up late gambling to damage health. Without the control of people, people will be more obsessed with it and intensify.
      2. Harm work and life
      Playing gambling games for a long time will cause players' physical fatigue and mental stubbornness, and then affect the attention during homework, and it is easy to cause some security problems.
      When a person is addicted to gambling games for a long time, he will constantly squander financial resources. Compared with traditional gambling, online gambling will make people lose more. Online gambling websites are often some virtual games, those illegal illegal games, those illegal illegal games, those illegal illegal games. The backstage of the gambling website can be controlled, and often makes people lose more and less.
      3, easier to fall
      In online gambling, the concept of money will be diluted. When people gamble online, money is just a string of numbers, lack of intuitive feelings. It doesn't itch; many online gamblers are like this. When you lose money, you feel nothing. In the end, when the money loses, he suddenly realizes it.
      and now the threshold for online loans is low, and various loans such as credit cards. When people lose nothing, in order to raise gambling funds, it is likely to contact these loan platforms, various loans online, and finally in the end. Finally The debt is exhausted, and the interest of online loan is high, which will eventually make people unable to turn over.

      4. The financial order severely disrupts
      It, in addition to illegal lending and illegal financial institutions transfer funds, online gambling also has the harm that affects the healthy development of the stock and futures market. The dealers engaged in the financial securities markets such as stocks and futures, in order to seize profits, often intervene in financial securities markets such as stocks and futures, causing bad trends or fluctuations, causing confusion, and seriously disturbing the country's normal financial order.
      Extension information:
      The four types of online gambling are the most common
      The first type: Internet casino, using website (including various APPs) as a tool, conducting live broadcast, gamblers can realize real -time in real time See some situations on the gambling table. As long as users register for personal accounts and recharge, they can participate in gambling, such as baccarat.
      The second type: use sports competition, including welfare lottery and Liuhecai, to calculate a gambling label through a certain formal formula, and then bet on the network platform, such as gambling.
      The third type: using a platform with red envelopes to organize gambling, which is also a new type of gambling form that appeared on multiple social network platforms in the second half of last year.
      The fourth type: using some leisure games to gambling, commonly in some chess and card games.

    2. Online gambling will make you lose particularly miserable. As less as tens of thousands, as much as hundreds of thousands of millions of thousands of millions. And it will cause the family to be affected, and a good home will be over in this life.

    3. Online gambling not only has the social harm of traditional gambling: endangering social order, damaging stability and unity, affecting production work and life, but also the hotbed of illegal crimes such as theft, robbery, fraud, and killing sex. Therefore, metaphorical online gambling is a major "tumor" in the current society.

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