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    The difference between play and film


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    1. Play (movie) is released, (drama) staged, performing sports or entertainment competitions --- verbs
      film movie --- noun

      n play (play), play [drama]

      playing (role), pretending; performance

      performance, playing (on)

      Just kidding, mockery, (for people or things) to play with

      (movie) release, (drama) staged, perform sports or entertainment competitions

      R n flash, fluttering, shaking, emerging, rippling, flying

      (instrument) suitable for performance, (drama) suitable for performance

      (record, recorder, etc.) Putting sound; (machine parts) freely run

      (continuous) launch, (spring water) spray, (light) illumination (on, over, along)
      n n
      [Fang] Staged work, strike

      Play for money

      Play on the piano
      This piano
      sunLight Playing on the water r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      The sunlight rippling on the water
      Play with sb.
      In the joke of someone
      a smile plays on her lips.
      smiling on her lips.
      they are playing at chess.

      this violin plays well.

      Whats playing at the thedre?
      What is the play in the theater?
      Stime idiom
      allow full play to make full activities [
      as good as ap (like drama drama drama drama That way) interesting
      Be Played OUT exhausted
      bring into fullplay to make full use of the role
      call into fullplay to make full use of the role
      put into fullplay to make full use of the role
      Childrens play is easy; small things that are not denthoked
      come into play Start the event and start to play a fair attitude of
      fair play, fair competition; Atrocities, murder
      gallery play cater to the audience [audience] interesting performance, publicity
      give free play to let go, play freely, vent
      give (full) play to (ones) to play someone's specialty, let the people make it. (Special long) ... Give full play to
      go out of play [Body] Ball out of boundary
      grand-strong play (when playing at the time of playing, the audience drinks), the behavior of the flowers of the flower shelf
      play (when playing the ball (when playing, The aimed to win the audience's) flower rack action. PLAY makes people work, contain
      KEEP sb. In Play to make people work, contain
      in play, joking (use with BE), which is involved, acting on the role, which affects [body] (football, etc.) In the state of the game, it is not dead balls
      in Full Play. When you are busy, you are actively performing
      lucky at play, unlucky in love.
      lucky at play cards, unlucky in love.
      make play (horse racing) get rid of the chase accelerated and accelerates the work; the effect (in the boxing) hit the opponent to restrain the opponent
      make play with too much emphasis, exaggerated
      make a play for pornographic seduction; Lure
      miracle play miracle drama; miracle drama (drama written by Jesus and saints in the Middle Ages of Europe)
      out of play; (ball game) dead ball; suspension of the game
      turn about is fair play. One round one round, Tiangong is authentic.
      Play About Mix; play with; tease
      Play design with
      Play design with (same ...) mix together; (same ...) to make reconsideration of men and women's relationships; consider
      play at playing, play, play cards, play cards
      Play (at at ) Fast and Loose (with) repeated impermanence; (take ...) Dang children; play with (someone's love, etc.)
      play away gamble (money); play (time); waste
      play back back (Campaign) backwards [(] Playing
      Play Forward R nPlay by Ear all relying on the tunnels that hearing
      Play down to reduce, reduce, degrade the importance of something
      Play double to sb. Or good)
      Play fair rules; the light is on the ground, the work is fair
      Play fair the game rules; To get [mouth] deliberately pretend to be unwilling to cooperate (to strengthen your status); deliberately pretend to be difficult to approach (to encourage the other party to make further pursuit)
      Play high gambling; In Zoule Yingren
      Play Into Each Others Hands, collusion with each other
      Play Into SB.s Hands intentionally ... take advantage of ... It is convenient for ... it is convenient for ... . Occupy, for ... convenient
      Play it on sb. R nPL ay of colours fantasy, glorious fantasy
      Play of words sophistry, playing with words algae
      Play off The Other provokes off, from Cardi
      Play OFF One Against Another to provoke the separation, from China Deel
      Play on uses
      Play on words to speak dual -class language, speaking playful words nplay out; Exhaustion; Old, outdated
      Play sb. False (in gambling, competition) deceived someone, deceive someone; In the competition), they cheated someone to deceive someone, deceive someone; to play a second violin for someone's falsehood
      Play Second; The means to deceive someone
      Play Smash with [Meikou] to destroy, destroy
      play up propaganda, advocates, emphasized; nPlay up to (in the play) and ... well -coordinated, charming, please pet
      Play with playing, teasing, fiddling; Doing danger
      Reference vocabulary
      Play Sport Game
      All contain "soul or body", that is, "sports" and game.

      Play refers to "physical or mental activity, the only purpose is to recreate or entertain", such as:

      p-is as all. The work is the same.
      Sport refers to "various forms of sports activities", especially "outdoor sports activities", such as:

      fishing is my favourite sport.
      Fishing is my favorite sport.
      game refers to "the game that determines the victory according to certain rules can be physical or brain force", such as:

      football is a portum game.
      football is a kind of people's favorite people's favorite sports.
      Myonalized English -Chinese dictionary PLAY
      vi., vt.
      played, playing

      (often use with with connection); Children after playing with a ball.
      The children are playing balls.
      (children) Play

      The continuous pulling the fishing line to make the hooked fish tired

      (and in connection with IN) (actor) play, performance r

      The performance (drama, movie)

      (instrument) to make a sound; play music (send)

      r nshe plays the drum.
      . She drumped.
      play (music, etc.)

      participation (game, sports)

      (in the competition) competition

      R n
      he plays football.

      play (card)

      gambling; bet

      R n
      the children we at play in the yard.
      m children play in the yard.
      u003Cphysical> competition; exercise

      dramatic; script

      She is in a play above a famous singer.
      The singer played the role in the singer.
      u003Cplay> Performance

      (machine) runs freely; loosening; freedom of activity

      (in the card scene) card


      Mepatonous phrases
      Play down
      reduced; degraded; weakened

      play off
      R n
      she played one friend off aginst the Other.
      Play up
      Publicity; emphasizing; exaggeration (something) importance

      NIN PLAY (football, etc.) can also play (not dead ball) joke; play
      out of play (in the ball) dead ball (need to suspend game)
      Games, competitions, sports, gambling, script

      to play, play, play, play the game
      n The comprehensive dictionary of modern English and Chinese Film
      thin film [layer]; fog, light smoke; filaments

      [Photo] film, soft film, film film; Photo -sensitive emulsion

      film, movie

      (in the eyes) thin

      n paint film, oxidation film

      矿 ore

      a Negative [POSITIVE] FILM
      n documentary
      a wide-screen film
      wide screen movie
      a the-film
      -stereo movie na feature film n N movie editor
      go to the films
      Stime to watch the movie
      have a film over the eyes
      Eye disease or dying person) has a layer of eyes
      PILOT FILM (movie, TV). R n -thin film; thin layer; thin skin

      Plastic Film
      plastic film
      a film of il on water n Rubble; film

      movies; movies

      have you seen aNY Good Films Lately?
      What good movies have you seen recently? Well.
      This novels are not suitable for making movies.
      Word -sexual changes
      vt., vi.
      to shoot movies, make movies

      the girl films well.

      the company is filming in our town.
      TV is filming in our town.
      (connected with OVER) Vaguely

      Ird English -Chinese dictionary Film
      Coupled the film on the top of the movie


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