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    NBA04 menu translation


    Sep 23, 2022

    Translate all the menu of the NBA04, which is to play 04 ~~

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    1. Game option introduction
      -resume game: Back to the game
      -Home Timeout: The home team pause
      -away timeout: The guest team pauses
      Call for pause)
      -: Replacement
      -select: Select the operation of the operation
      -settings: settings (including game settings, tactical settings, image settings, etc. Introduction)
      -Stats Central: Statistics Center (including statistics from players, teams, etc.)
      -quit game: Needless to say?
      This is the GAME MODES.
      Is about Play Online —— Online Games, Season — Season Mode, PlayOffs — Model Mode, 1 ON 1-1 to 1 mode, Indivial Practice -Personal Training Mode, focus on the latest model 04 Dynass Mode, which is the biggest selling point of NBA Live 2004 -dynasty model.
      We when we click Dynasty Mode, there will be a choice picture: it will let us choose to build, read or leave. We choose to build new. After loading the corresponding data, we will enter the main interface of the dynasty mode.

      each option is:
      -Next game: Match the next game
      -schedule: schedule
      -dynasty: Dynasties development (that is, ask coaches, buy planes, buy planes , Training team members, etc.)
      -Roster: Including the content of the player list, transfer, modification of players, etc. n -Begin Playoffs: Start the playoffs (this option will not be activated after the regular season)
      -load/save: Read/archive
      Now we exit the dynasty mode and return to the main interface. Enter an option that I didn't have before: my nba live. After entering, see the options as shown in the figure:
      The enter the NBA Store, you will see the figure as shown in the figure. In fact, this is a exhibition hall with some retired jerseys, various trophy and other things. (Editor's note: After purchasing, you can use it in the competition or practice)

      key settings

      In "Configure" in "Options" to enter the button settings. I now translate the role of each button:
      -pass: passing
      -switch player: Switch the player
      -shoot: Shooting
      -take charge: Create foul
      -Pro -Hop/Power Dribble: Little Jump (or Capsule)/Turn around (I don't know how to translate it, everyone will know it in the game)
      -rebound/block : Robbing rebound/block (hot pot)
      -dunk/lay -up: Dunk/strong (everyone note, now the Shoot can no longer be dunk, and you can only jump in the basket. This key)
      -STEAL: steals
      -turbo: Accelerate
      -Alley -OOP: Air relay (in NBA Live 2004, the air relay will be buckled when you leave the basket, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away, far away When it is a shot in the air)
      -Backdown/Protect Ball:*Play (that is, to advance to the defensive player, see how Shak is playing under the basket^_^)
      -Direct Pass: I don’t know how to translate ... I can only trouble everyone to experience it ... Sorry ... (Editor's note: It is more appropriate to translate into a hand -controlled pass, that is, just press and hold the hot keys and just press each position to allocate each position. The key position can pass the ball directly in the hand.)
      -direct switch: Ibid^ _^
      -: Ibid ... (Editor's note: Just call tactics, tactics can be switched at will in the game, The combination is very rich)
      -PAUSE: pause (not the suspension of the game, it is the suspension of the game)
      -crosover/spin move: random fake action (should be this translation ~) (Editor's note: / Turn around. It ’s not very useful. There is only one action and very stupid. It is recommended not to use it.)
      -off -flash switch: No ball ... substitution? Run? Probably ~ haha ​​~ (Editor's note: switch without players.)
      -Quick play: Quick tactical call
      -movement: direction control
      -ea Sports freestyle: Start with NBA LIVE 2003 As a selling point "Free Control"
      oPitations, the configure is settings:
      offense/defense (offensive/defense)
      Pass (passing) Switch Player Shoot (shot) Take Charge Dot blue) Steal R N Backdown/Protect Ball (*)
      Direct Pass Passing game switching interface) PAUSE Specify the pass ball with the button) When pressing this key, the player will slowly walk. And other players will produce

      PG takes the ball. When you press it, you will appear under your SG's feet. At the foot of SF is PASS, PF is Dunk/Lay-up, C is Pro-Hop/Power Dribble. It is passed there. If the players in other positions bring the ball, after pressing the specification, the word under PG's feet is his original word, such as C controlling the ball, then press Pro-Hop/Power Dribble to pass to PG

      OFF-BALL SWITCH (specified ballo-free player) is used and Direct Pass (specify the ball with a button) is very elephant. When PG controls the ball, after pressing it, the player of the player becomes gray, and the player becomes gray, but There will be a passing mark under the other players. Shoot will appear at the foot of the SG. At the foot of the SF foot is PASS, PF is Dunk/Lay-up, C is Pro-Hop/Power Dribble. Seeing that the player became gray, and the team members selected became blue. After running a good place, click PASS to pass the ball directly to the hand. It is particularly useful when attacking.

      nba2004 player ability translation

      overview comprehensive ability
      Field GoAls to cast blue capability
      3 points
      Free Throws penalty
      dunking dunk
      INSIDE SCORING Internal Score
      OFF.Rebounds offensive rebounds
      jumping bullet force
      strength power
      quickness reaction
      speed speed npassing Vote the blue distance
      off.awareness offensive consciousness
      DEF.Rebounds defensive rebound
      stealing steals
      blocking lid
      def.awareness defense consciousness nstamina physical strength
      hardines The meaning of fighting for the strong ball)
      primacy leadership ability

      game setting settings
      game speed: Game speed

      Free Throw free throw difficulty: 75
      boundry force filed boundary control: 70
      injury footquency injury probability: 50
      fative effect: 50
      Charic/block frequency collision/blocking fouls: 86
      Shoody Probability of shooting foul: 50
      Reach-in Frequency foul: 45
      in-air collision forest in air collision: 86
      user Sliders player settings (the following settings will affect all of all that affects all Player)
      User Stelity player Broken ball ability: 43
      user Ability player: 43
      User Shot Block Ability: 20
      user dunk/lam-up blocks player players Capable of covering dunk/layup: 20
      User Free The validity of the style dribble: 24
      user dunk vs. lay-up firequency Player dunk/layup: 20
      user free ASSIST computer helps players defense: 85
      User Offensive Players to attack rebounds: 90
      user defensive Players to defend the rebounds: 55
      user Fakeout (pressure of players' defensiveness): 100
      User Short Range Shooting Players Close Shooting Rate: 40
      USER Medium Range Shooting Player Mid -distance Shooting Rate: 46
      USER LONG RANGE SHOOTING Player Shooting Raming Rate: 46
      USER DUNK Player Dunk Dunk: 50
      USER LAY-UP player layup: 42
      user adjust shot Players' air change rate: 34
      user on-flash defense player defend the opponent's power The ability to attack: 44
      USER POOR Release Shot Percent Players barely shot shooting: 34
      user double-Team Player Double Player Validity: 45
      CPU Sliders Computer Settings (the following settings will be Change the computer in the game AI
      CPU STEAL Ability Computer Broken Power: 43
      CPU Ability Computer Crossing Ability: 43
      CPU Shot Block Ability -UP BLOCK ABILITY Computer Cover Dunk and Round capabilities: 15
      CPU FreeStyle Computer Free Style Drunk Validity: 24
      CPU Dunk Frequency Dunk Frequency: 20
      CPU Frequency Chance of: 45
      cpu Offensive CPU Reto the attack rebounds: 90
      cpu defensive CPU to grab the rebounds: 55
      CPU FAKEOUT CPU stare of human defense: 100
      cpuuu SHORT RANGE Shooting CPU Fight Shooting Rate: 40
      CPU Medium Range Shooting CPU Mid -distance shooting rate: 46
      CPU Long Range Shooting shooting rate: 46
      CPU DUNK CPU fastening rate hit rate : 50
      cpu lay-up CPU layup rate: 42
      CPU Adjusted Shot CPU air replacement rate: 34
      cpu adjusted shot firefu service. On-Ball PHYSICAL Defense CPU defensive power attack: 44
      CPU POOR Release Shot CPU. n This is enough,
      The just tell you a NBA2004 password

      Ne NBA CODES in my nba live. -
      UNLOCK All Hardwood Classic Jerseys -
      UNLOCK ALL NBA Gear -
      UNLOCK All Team Gear - N UNLOCK 15000 NBA Store Points -
      Essence Points-

      04 are the most authentic and classic of NBA games so far.

    2. Main menu:
      Playnow: Friendship Tournament
      Gamemode: Game mode
      : Networked battle Season: Dynasty: dynasty Playoff: playoffs 1 on1: 1 to 1
      last English Forgot, it is personal training
      my nba live: There are shops, records and other
      team manager: Team list management
      The third signature free player, the fourth editor player, the fifth player
      option: set
      -next game: the next game
      - Schedule: Race arrangement
      -dynasty: Dynasties Development (that is, ask for coaches, purchase aircraft, training players, etc.)
      -Roster: Including players list, transfer, modification of players and other content
      -settings : Set
      -gm's desk: Including data statistics, various information
      1: Data centers (the last item look at data rankings) 2: Manager history 3: Manager report 4: Complex review 5: MVP candidate 6 : NBA News 7: Best player this month 8: season ranking 9: Team record 10: List of free players next season
      -begin playoffs: Start the playoff Activated)
      -load/save: Read/archive
      Tired! Intersection Intersection No score is not justified! Intersection Intersection

    3. 04 is too old, and it is some simple English. I played 5 years ago and think it is very simple. Those words do n’t know about it. I translate it for you. I can’t remember it. I recommend you to play NBA2K9. , Sinicized patch

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