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    How much does it need to invest in the large video game hall


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Generally speaking, 200 square meters of video game cities, video game equipment requires about 200,000 to 300,000. The opening of the video game is a relatively large investment. Before the video game, you must understand the project, investigate more, and analyze before opening the store. It is helpful to understand the video game. When you understand this industry, if you decide to invest in the video game city, In the next step, you can consider the problem of site selection.
      The location of video game location is very important. You must choose carefully. How to choose the site can refer to the detailed introduction of the previous location of the video game city. The area of ​​the video game city will affect the rent and decoration costs. Therefore, when choosing the area of ​​the video game, the local details must be considered and the area is suitable for the size of the area.
      . The document is required, but it does not cost much money. If it is related, it may be better. The cost of indoor decoration in the video game city depends on what style you like. The decoration may cost tens of thousands of yuan, but it is not absolute. The cost can be controlled, but it is still good -looking.

      related n The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice to regulate that the video game hall will be at the highest tax rate of up to 20% The collection of business tax will increase the personal income tax quota of 50%of the personal income tax for the approved personal income tax, and at the same time, the corporate income tax is exempted from the public welfare youth activity venues.
      The notice of the "Notice on the Place of Electronic Games and the Problem of the Video Game Hall on the Place of Electronic Games", the insufficiency of the accounting certificate and in accordance with relevant regulations shall be approved by the relevant regulations. , Increase the quota, increase the amplitude of 20%-50%, and the specific amplitude ratio can be determined according to the operating situation of the video game hall.
      The "Notice" also stipulates that the social organizations such as enterprises, institutions, social groups, and individuals, through non -profit social groups and state organs' donations on public welfare young people (including newly built), they are paying enterprises. The income tax and personal income tax are allowed to be deducted in full.
      The public welfare youth activity venue refers to the public welfare places that specialize in providing young students with teenagers, culture, moral education, patriotism education, sports activities, and youth activity centers. This provision shall be implemented from January 1, 2009.

    2. See the location .. The number of licenses of the country's license to the game hall has a limit. If the number of your location has reached the upper limit, then it cannot be done .. In addition, there are area requirements. The number of machines and types of machines .. In addition, NM multi -documents such as environmental protection noise fire permits ... The investment in the large game hall is basically how much it takes to see the documents. There are more than 7 certificates of rent. Compared with the machine, the machine is a small head ...

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